Filippo: panic in EU over Putin’s possible interview with journalist Carlson

The leader of the Patriots movement Florian Filippo said that EU countries are experiencing a sense of panic over a possible interview of Russian President Vladimir Putin with US journalist Tucker Carlson.

He wrote about this on his page in social network X.

“They are panicking because they are lying, and the lie will come out for them sideways!” – Filippo stated.

The politician also noted that the situation is getting to the point where individual European MPs are even calling for Carlson to be banned from the EU.

Filippo added that such people call themselves self-proclaimed representatives of the “camp of good” but “do not support freedom of speech, dissent, debate and truth!”.

Earlier, U.S. House of Representatives member Marjorie Taylor Green said that current U.S. authorities are afraid that journalist Tucker Carlson will interview Russian President Vladimir Putin.