Vladimir Putin

Putin signs decree to compensate Russia for damage caused by US actions
23.05.2024, 17:20
Tucker Carlson called Putin more impressive in comparison to Biden
15.05.2024, 19:24
Putin calls reliability of guarantees the main problem in Ukraine talks
15.05.2024, 11:36
Economist: Strong relations between Russia and China are not a marriage of convenience
15.05.2024, 10:54
Roshal called Putin’s inauguration a historic moment
07.05.2024, 16:53
Russia will continue to work on the formation of a multipolar world order – Putin
07.05.2024, 14:52
There will be no retaliatory measures to the refusal of Western countries to attend Putin’s inauguration – Peskov
07.05.2024, 13:50
Putin: in Ukraine create “Hitler Youth” in a new edition
26.03.2024, 14:45
Xi Jinping: China attaches great importance to developing relations with Russia
18.03.2024, 14:11
Predictable triumph and record support – world media on Russian elections
18.03.2024, 13:42
Putin’s victory will enable Russia to stop fascism in Europe – Finnish journalist
18.03.2024, 11:54
Russia will treat US troops in Ukraine as interventionists – Putin
13.03.2024, 11:20