Middle East

WSJ: US prepares to supply tens of millions of dollars worth of munitions to Israel
17.02.2024, 10:47
Turkey is making a comeback in key regions of North Africa
16.02.2024, 20:09
Health Ministry: death toll due to Israeli strikes on Gaza Strip rises to 28,775
16.02.2024, 12:52
Netanyahu has ceased to be a productive partner for the US Presidential Administration
12.02.2024, 18:50
Netanyahu: only military pressure will lead to release of Gaza hostages
12.02.2024, 12:51
Saudi Arabia has called for the UNSC to be convened over the situation in Rafah
10.02.2024, 19:59
On 9 February, US forces struck surface-to-air UAVs and missiles of the Houthis in Yemen
10.02.2024, 16:51
Iranian Foreign Ministry: US and British aggression against Yemen serves Israel’s interests
10.02.2024, 15:54
Hamas: the movement is capable of continuing to confront Israel in the Gaza Strip
09.02.2024, 20:30
Yemeni Houthis claim attack on US and British merchant ships in the Red Sea
06.02.2024, 13:31
Biden is a war criminal – US presidential candidate
05.02.2024, 14:24
Russia insists that the situation in Syria and Iraq be addressed by the UN Security Council
04.02.2024, 10:38