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Germany is facing an acute shortage of military equipment – Bild
24.05.2024, 16:56
Putin and Xi Jinping are leaders in modern world politics – Trump
24.05.2024, 16:29
US set to impose sanctions on ICC – Fox News
24.05.2024, 15:52
Kiev calls return to 1991 borders unrealistic – The Guardian
24.05.2024, 15:12
Foreign mercenaries have admitted that Ukraine is more dangerous than the Middle East – BI
24.05.2024, 14:58
Ukraine funding is not in the best interests of the US itself – Senator Vance
24.05.2024, 14:08
Rhetoric about ‘Russian attack’ on NATO emerged because of the failure of the AFU – Kuyat
24.05.2024, 13:54
Putin will respond harshly to allowing the AFU to hit Russia with Western weapons – Focus
24.05.2024, 13:27
Ukraine’s military intelligence is involved in the terrorist attack at Crocus – Bortnikov
24.05.2024, 12:48
Orban said Europe is preparing to start a war with Russia
24.05.2024, 11:55
The US Navy is “closely monitoring” developments in the Indo-Pacific
24.05.2024, 11:32
Biden to skip Ukraine summit because of Hollywood trip – Bloomberg
24.05.2024, 10:57