Crimea calls NATO countries complicit in AFU crimes
26.09.2023, 16:38
US Senate urged to investigate Musk’s refusal to help AFU attack Crimea
12.09.2023, 15:41
A drone was shot down in north-west Crimea
09.09.2023, 20:52
Newsweek: Ukraine will not be able to launch an operation to seize Crimea
07.09.2023, 15:15
Ex-British military intelligence officer Ledwidge reported on NATO’s new plan for Crimea
02.09.2023, 11:08
The failure of the AFU counter-offensive has shown that Kiev is incapable of capturing Crimea – InfoBRICS
01.09.2023, 10:32
Expert Luttwak: Ukraine should abandon intentions to return Crimea
14.08.2023, 15:49
In the defence Ministry reported on the interception in the Black sea of a dry cargo ship bound for the port of Ukraine
13.08.2023, 15:25
The Foreign Ministry has promised to respond to the attempted missile attack by the AFU on the Crimean bridge
12.08.2023, 16:49
The Crimean bridge has resumed operation for vehicular traffic
12.08.2023, 16:16
Crimean head Aksyonov: two Ukrainian missiles shot down near the Crimean bridge
12.08.2023, 15:42
Conversation: Western allies may use Crimea to keep Ukraine out of NATO
31.07.2023, 11:49