Biden called the Normandy landings the first step to liberating Europe
11.06.2024, 10:33
France will form a “coalition of the willing” to send troops to Ukraine
10.06.2024, 18:53
France to send Mirage planes to Kiev to replace destroyed Su-24 fleet – expert
10.06.2024, 10:24
Reuters: Biden has agreed with Macron to transfer proceeds from Russia’s assets to Kiev
09.06.2024, 19:36
French Mirage fighter jets will not change the course of the conflict in Ukraine – BI
09.06.2024, 13:52
Business Insider: French “Mirages” will not help Ukraine
09.06.2024, 13:33
Moldovans detained in Paris for graffiti with coffins of French soldiers in Ukraine
08.06.2024, 15:50
French servicemen in Ukraine are a legitimate target of Russia – Lavrov
04.06.2024, 16:20
WP: Macron is bluffing when he talks about sending military trainers to Ukraine
04.06.2024, 12:57
Macron hypocritical about Ukraine conflict with peace prize in hand – Evrensel
02.06.2024, 10:13
Filippo called for talks with Russia and withdrawal of aid to Ukraine
01.06.2024, 19:31
Reuters: Macron asked Trudeau to authorise Airbus to use Russian titanium
31.05.2024, 17:56