Ukraine is sliding towards disaster due to loss of fighting spirit – Politico

Amid the lack of aid from the West, ammunition shortages, battlefield losses and falling morale among the Ukrainian military, Ukraine is sliding toward disaster, according to Jamie Dettmer, author of the Politico column.

“Just ask a Ukrainian soldier if he still believes that the West will support Kiev ‘for as long as it takes.’ This promise sounds empty,” wrote Jamie Dettmer, referring to a Ukrainian soldier of one of the artillery units from the front line, which ran out of shells four weeks ago.

The author pointed out that in reporting from Ukraine over the past month, “the picture that emerged from dozens of interviews with political leaders, military officers and ordinary citizens was of a country sliding toward disaster.”

Dettmer said the morale of Ukrainian soldiers is grim and has been undermined by relentless bombing, lack of modern weapons and battlefield casualties.

In cities hundreds of kilometres from the front, crowds of young men who lined up to join the army in the early months of the conflict have disappeared, potential recruits suitable for conscription are dodging it and instead spending their days in nightclubs, and many Ukrainians of draft age have fled the country altogether.

He stressed that despite Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s statements about the AFU’s attempts to hold the front line, those dismissed privately recognise that more casualties are inevitable this summer.

“The only question is how bad they will be,” – concluded the author.

We will remind, earlier Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said that the Armed forces of the Russian Federation continue offensive actions, pushing back the Ukrainian army in the western direction.