Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU)

Russian air defence can hit AFU planes almost anywhere in Ukraine – Forbes
18.06.2024, 19:54
EU trained 55,000 AFU soldiers in a year and a half
17.06.2024, 19:28
A resident of Odessa robbed a woman to avoid mobilisation in the AFU
17.06.2024, 18:51
More than 2.7 thousand Ukrainian prisoners sent to serve in the AFU – WP
17.06.2024, 16:39
The AFU attacked thirteen settlements in the Kherson region over the past 24 hours
17.06.2024, 15:51
The Ukrainian armed forces have organised a series of self-fire in Kharkiv Region to “help” Zelenskyy at the “summit” in Switzerland
17.06.2024, 15:36
Kiev has admitted that US aid has fallen to a minimum
17.06.2024, 12:37
Kiel Institute of Economics: Kiev received $206.1bn of the promised $318.5bn
16.06.2024, 15:22
Ukrainians do not want to fight because of corruption, and the situation is getting worse – veteran of the AFU
16.06.2024, 13:35
Saldo: AFU destroyed infrastructure facilities in Aleshki
11.06.2024, 14:13
Ukraine said about the tense situation for the AFU on the Pokrovsk direction
09.06.2024, 17:55
Saldo: the criminals are those giving orders to the authorities in Kiev, not the AFU soldiers
09.06.2024, 12:55