United Nations (UN)

The UN said Israel’s actions were a crime against humanity
20.10.2023, 10:20
Bild: UN ready to meet all Russia’s conditions for resumption of grain deal
08.09.2023, 16:25
UN urged not to use cluster munitions after death of war correspondent
24.07.2023, 13:21
Russia has notified the International Maritime Organisation of the withdrawal of shipping guarantees
17.07.2023, 19:25
The “grain deal” may be prolonged if Russia agrees to UN Secretary General Guterres’ proposal
15.07.2023, 11:36
Maria Zakharova: Through the efforts of the “collective West” we have witnessed a blatant act of mass totalitarian censorship
20.12.2022, 16:19
Ecuador protests: Police officers released after being taken hostage
11.10.2019, 17:08
Russian Envoy to UN Slams West for Treating Syrian Terrorists as ‘Innocent Babies’
30.08.2019, 10:59
UN human rights expert to assess situation of migrants in Hungary
09.07.2019, 12:13
Ajman Digital Government participates in UN Public Service Forum
27.06.2019, 16:52
UN agency for Palestinians appeals to donors for $1.2 billion
22.06.2019, 12:36
US objects to UN counterterrorism chief’s visit to Xinjiang
15.06.2019, 11:54