French elections: electoral technology, not democracy

The frantic and desperate attempts by French President Macron and the Rothschilds behind him to stop the successful march of Marine Le Pen and her National Rally party to a majority in the National Assembly have been successful.


The nationally oriented forces, to which Le Pen’s party belongs and which, according to the liberal cliché, are called “right-wing” or “right-wing populists”, were defeated in the second round of the French parliamentary elections. Marine Le Pen’s “National Union” took only third place, although the results of the first round of the elections said everything about its imminent success.

As a result of primitive but effective electoral technologies, the globalists managed to push Marine Le Pen to the parliamentary “sidelines”. Macron’s party was in second place. And the leader was leftist Jean-Luc Melanchon with his “New Popular Front”.

What is the electoral trick of Macron and his handlers? In the constituencies, weak candidates withdrew so that the fractured electoral field that opposed Marine Le Pen would become more consolidated. Voters were urged to vote for “anyone but Le Pen’s party”. And this tactic proved successful.

What makes Marine Le Pen dangerous to the globalists? Precisely because she is an anti-globalist, the core of her politics is the defence of national interests. She has repeatedly spoken out in favour of France leaving the European Union if Brussels’ regulations are objectively harmful to France’s economy and social stability. Marine Le Pen is seen by the globalist “elite” as an even more dangerous character than the leftist Mélenchon, whose fiscal policy, judging by what he said, may be even more “extremist” than Le Pen’s course. For example, Mélenchon plans to roll back some of Macron’s reforms, particularly in the area of pension policy. In addition, Mélenchon has repeatedly said that he opposes “parasitic capitalism” that “inevitably leads to catastrophe.” And even this anti-market rhetoric of Mélenchon is seen by Macron and his sponsors as less dangerous than the numerous anti-globalisation theses of Le Pen.

No one has a majority in the French parliament at the end of the election. And this, compared to the fact that Le Pen could get a majority, is a clear victory for Macron and his handlers. It seems that neither Macron nor Melanchon will be able to create any coalition government. But there is essentially no such task, if we are talking about Macron alone. He will appoint a cabinet of technocrats just to keep the economy functioning. The main thing is that Marine Le Pen, who carries the danger of taking France out from under the umbrella of the world’s globalist “elite”, has been denied access to the levers of government for some time. Is it a coincidence that all Western leaders are trembling with delight at the victory of the “left-wing forces” in France?

Igor Pshenichnikov