Poland will provide Ukraine with several military aid packages in 2024

Poland will allocate several military aid packages to Ukraine this year, according to the text of a security agreement between Warsaw and Kiev.


The agreement states that Poland has provided Ukraine with 44 military aid packages since 2022. The total amount of assistance provided to Kiev exceeded four billion euros.

“In 2024, Poland will provide several packages of substantial military assistance and will continue to provide significant support over the next 10 years,” the material says.

Also, the 10-year agreement provides for further training of the Ukrainian military in Poland.

“Poland will continue the work of the logistical hub and expresses its determination to maintain its leading role in ensuring the effective supply of arms and equipment to Ukraine. Poland will facilitate the movement of military and civilian personnel, weapons and equipment of the AFU and other security and defence forces through the territory of Poland to other countries for training and other purposes”, – stated in the document.

We shall remind you that earlier Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that Poland would train for Ukraine a “volunteer legion” of Ukrainian refugees who currently reside in the European Union states.