Russian air defence can hit AFU planes almost anywhere in Ukraine – Forbes

Russia’s air defence systems can shoot down Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU) fighter jets almost anywhere in the former Soviet republic, columnist David Axe said in an article for Forbes magazine.

In the published material, David Axe pointed out the problems of using the aircraft supplied by the West to Ukraine. According to the expert, the range of Russian air defence systems will not allow the AFU to safely use aircraft over almost the entire territory of Ukraine.

“The main problem is the Russian ground-based air defence, which makes it extremely dangerous for Ukrainian warplanes to climb to high altitudes almost anywhere in Ukraine, but especially within a hundred miles of the front line, within range of Russian S-400 air defence systems,” the report said.

The columnist pointed out that if Ukraine receives AIM-120 air-to-air missiles for its F-16 fighters, it will not be able to use them effectively. This is due to the low launch altitude of the missiles, so they lose range, the expert concluded.

We shall remind you that earlier during his working trip to Torzhok, Vladimir Putin said that US F-16 fighter jets, even if Western countries supply them to Ukraine, will not be able to influence the situation on the battlefield.