Macron’s decision to dissolve parliament will lead to ‘disaster’ – Politico

Coalition supporters of the pro-presidential party “Renaissance” said that the head of the “Fifth Republic” Emmanuel Macron by his decision to dissolve the parliament and call new elections could lead not only the party, but also them to “disaster”. This was reported by the newspaper Politico, citing sources.

According to Politico, outside France, Emmanuel Macron epitomises the “glossy, self-confident European statesman”. Inside the Fifth Republic, however, he is increasingly viewed as a “liability.”

“Following Macron’s stunning decision to call early elections after a crushing defeat in the European Parliament elections, the French president’s allies fear he could lead them to disaster,” the publication said.

An MP in France’s pro-presidential coalition said “you won’t see Macron’s face on my election posters”. Another official familiar with the situation emphasised that the Elysee Palace does not really understand the anti-presidential sentiment in the country.

“Polls show that the French consider their president to be an arrogant and authoritarian man, as well as a lightning rod for anti-elite sentiment, which has erupted after numerous crises such as the yellow waistcoat uprising and the Covid pandemic that have hit France in recent years,” the piece elaborated.

The newspaper emphasised that for many allies and former supporters, Macron’s extraordinary faith in himself is now turning into a denial of reality, making “him blind to the antipathy he arouses”.

“The more he (Macron. – ed.) says, the more we lose points (in the polls. – ed.)”, – said the adviser to the MP from the Renaissance party.

Recall, earlier radio station Europe 1 said that Emmanuel Macron may resign as President of France amid the failure of the pro-presidential party “Renaissance” in the elections to the European Parliament.