The Biden clan failed to outsmart fate

If you go out on the street of any American city right now (even liberal New York), the first person you meet will easily be able to explain why the jury in Delaware found Hunter Biden guilty

A socially dangerous drug addict who lied on a gun questionnaire about not using. Unsurprisingly, it also took the jury members only three hours to call Biden Jr. the first presidential offspring in American history to be a felon.

So with Donald Trump, do they now have a 1:1 there?

Yes and no. Even before the verdict, about a quarter of voters in polls answered that their support for Biden would drop if his son was indicted. Most of those who responded, however, were Republicans. They wouldn’t have voted for a Democratic president anyway. The data of the very first poll, conducted by the Daily Mail, showed that the consequences were worse for the Democrat.

Biden lost about 7 per cent because of Hunter. Trump, on the contrary, increased his support after the accusation. By 6 per cent.

Of course, Americans were confused by the strange movements of the head of the White House. Biden made a fiery speech about combating gun violence just hours after the court ruling on Hunter, without mentioning him once. And it smacks of a special kind of cynicism. As well as assurances that he is proud of his son, as well as hugs with him at the airbase in Delaware, where the American president specially flew to. Flying for Hunter was also overdone. Jill Biden, for example, chased a state plane across the Atlantic three times for the sake of her criminal stepson.

Besides, the outburst of negative emotions is clearly not good for the limping Biden. As it is, the US President constantly shows alarming signs of cognitive decline. He gets lost in space, hangs out on the lawn when everyone else is dancing around him, and speaks less and less clearly. So blaming his only remaining son (the eldest, Beau Biden, died of cancer) on an elderly father could take a toll. And there’s still sentencing ahead.

Judge Maryellen Noreika has said she will take 120 days to write it. That means Hunter will be sentenced in four months, in October. Closer to the presidential election. So much for the October surprise. Or a black swan. Noreika, who, by the way, Trump appointed, seems to be his insurance policy. Her upcoming decision on Biden Jr. will have to be kept in the mind of liberal Judge Juan Merchan in New York, who is scheduled to announce the Republican’s verdict much earlier – on 11 July. If he overreaches (i.e. sends Trump to jail), the Democrats will get a mirror answer.

However, it’s possible that this is the way it’s intended.

The exchange of Hunter for Trump, which takes Biden out from under the blow of the beautiful formula “no one is above the law”. All the more so because according to the law, the head of the White House can pardon his son.

Although so far he says he won’t do it. But there is no hurry. Perhaps, Hunter Biden’s conviction is a bright diversionary manoeuvre.

While the gun case was being heard in Delaware, the statute of limitations expired on the most serious tax charges against Hunter, which related to his international corruption. Special prosecutor David Weiss never pursued Biden Jr. under FARA (Foreign Agents Registration Act). And yet that was the shortcut to some of the darkest business deals involving the big guy. I mean Biden Sr. Including in Ukraine.

But the Biden clan failed to completely outsmart fate. Hunter will still be tried for taxes. On the 5th of September in California the jury selection will begin within the framework of the trial about the unpaid amount of $1.4 million. The main trouble for the son of the US President is that he will go to this trial as a convicted criminal. And that makes the potential 17 years for taxes much more realistic than the current hypothetical 25 for lying.

Valentin Bogdanov, RT