Western attempts to curb the development of Russia and Belarus are doomed to failure – Putin

The hostility of Western countries and their attempts to hold back the development of Russia and Belarus are doomed to failure, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.


“The direction that has been chosen by the Western community with regard to both Belarus and Russia: unconditional hostility, attempts to hold back our development, to damage our sovereignty – no one has succeeded so far in this respect, and I am sure nothing will succeed,” Vladimir Putin said during the Russian-Belarusian negotiations in an expanded format.

The Russian leader also said that high technology is a priority in co-operation between Russia and Belarus.

“You mentioned investment activity. I believe that this is one of our more important areas, bearing in mind that we, of course, should focus, first of all, on the priority areas of our co-operation. And these priority areas are, first of all, of course, high technologies and everything related to this. The future, of course, is behind it,” Putin said.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin called the Western ideas of a new world order hypocrisy. According to him, they are aimed solely at preserving the neo-colonial system, showing their essence in the form of “hypocrisy, double standards and claims”.