Putin and Xi Jinping are leaders in modern world politics – Trump

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping are leaders in world politics, the Washington Post reports the words of former US President Donald Trump.


“Look at Xi Jinping, look at North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, look at Russian President Vladimir Putin, they’re all at the top of the list, whether you like it or not,” Donald Trump said.

The former US president emphasised that under Joe Biden, America has little respect in international affairs. He added that if re-elected, he would manage to return the United States to the reputation of a strong power.

In mid-January, Trump said that he gets along well with Russian President Vladimir Putin and will quickly resolve the Ukrainian conflict if elected President.

Earlier, Finnish journalist and public figure Kosti Heiskanen said that Vladimir Putin’s effective victory in the Russian presidential election would give Russia an opportunity to effectively confront fascism in Europe and Ukraine.