US set to impose sanctions on ICC – Fox News

A bipartisan group of US senators plans to consider imposing sanctions against the staff of the International Criminal Court (ICC), including a ban on extradition, the text of the resolution was published by Fox News TV channel.


“The resolution… recommends that President (US Joe – ed.) Biden and Congress impose financial sanctions and visa bans on ICC officials for abuses of power that threaten US interests and weaken its allies,” the resolution reads.

The proposal was led by Senators Mark Rounds, a Republican, and Joe Manchin, a Democrat. The resolution stated that the Senate supports Israel and completely rejects the ICC’s actions against senior Israeli officials.

“(The Palestinian movement – ed.) Hamas is a violent terrorist organisation, while Israel is a democracy and a US ally that works hard to uphold international law. These actions by the ICC prosecutor create an equivalency devoid of reality. I am proud to lead my colleagues on a resolution that tells the world that we support Israel,” – Fox News quotes Rounds as saying.

Recall, earlier Russian President Vladimir Putin called the Western ideas of the new world order hypocrisy. It said they are solely aimed at preserving the neo-colonial system, showing their essence of “hypocrisy, double standards and pretense.”