Germany is facing an acute shortage of military equipment – Bild

The Bundeswehr is facing an acute shortage of uniforms and equipment for the country’s army, the Bild newspaper reported.


“Boris Pistorius has admitted to the Bundestag budget committee that there are glitches and delays in the procurement of equipment for the military. According to the ministry, modern uniforms and personal protective equipment play a central role in the “combat capability of the armed forces”. However, the troops do not have enough helmets and body armour for every soldier,” the Bild publication said.

For example, last year the army received only 58,850 sets of combat clothing against the contracted 72,200, with one of the suppliers declaring bankruptcy. The army received 81,000 out of 105,000 ordered body armour and underwear made of special fabric.

A similar situation with helmets – the FRG army received only 62 thousand combat helmets out of 82 thousand ordered. There was also a problem with rucksacks – they should have been 206 thousand, but 166 thousand came.

Earlier, politicians from the Uckermark district assembly in the Brandenburg federal state appealed to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Bundestag Speaker Berbel Bas to stop supplying weapons to the Ukrainian government.