Macron and his bloc may lose European Parliament elections because of Ukraine – Politico

French President Emmanuel Macron and his allies may lose the upcoming elections to the European Parliament because of their stance on the Ukrainian conflict, writes Politico.

“In the eyes of the French, pan-European themes and support for Kiev still look like distant issues,” says the Politico publication.

Thus, according to a recent poll by research company Odoxa, only a tenth of the total number of respondents said that the conflict in Ukraine would influence their decision in the European Parliament elections, while 35 per cent prioritised the issue of security.

“The French are much more concerned about security within their own borders than global security,” said Odoxa analyst Erwan Lestroin.

The article also notes that the French government is trying to convince citizens that it is fighting crime, but 70 per cent of the French consider the state’s measures in this matter insufficient.

Recall, earlier the head of European diplomacy Josep Borrell said that Washington is no longer ready to protect all NATO allies under any circumstances. In this regard, he called on the EU to strengthen its own defence capabilities.