France and Britain may introduce troops to Odessa – Johnson

France and Britain can theoretically send troops to Odessa, but America will not support them, says former CIA analyst Larry Johnson.

“The French and the British are going to try to send troops to Odessa. They will probably coordinate with the United States. I would, frankly speaking, be surprised if Biden and his team undertook to introduce American troops into Odessa,” Larry Johnson said in an interview with the YouTube channel Dialogue Works.

The analyst believes that the White House authorities will not dare to take such a step for two reasons: the death of the US military and pre-election time in the country.

“I can imagine that the French and British will go for it, but, again, it’s very presumptuous, they are crazy”, – summarised Johnson.

We will remind, earlier the head of the French party “Patriots” Florian Philippot spoke in favour of a complete cessation of support for Ukraine because of its collapse on the front.