Russia insists that the situation in Syria and Iraq be addressed by the UN Security Council

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that Moscow strongly condemns the act of armed aggression of the US-British coalition against the sovereign states of Iraq and Syria. The diplomat’s comment was published on the website of the foreign ministry.

Maria Zakharova said that the US airstrikes with the use of strategic bombers on the territory of Iraq and Syria, which destroyed and damaged dozens of objects and killed civilians, once again demonstrated to the world the aggressive nature of US policy in the Middle East. The diplomat noted that Washington also routinely disregarded the norms of international law.

“It is obvious that the airstrikes are specifically designed to further fuelling the conflict. Almost without pause, by attacking the facilities of allegedly pro-Iranian groups in Iraq and Syria recently, the US is purposefully trying to plunge the region’s largest countries into conflict,” the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman specified.

According to the diplomat, the “obedient participation” of the British Royal Air Force in the US attacks should not create an illusion of some “international coalition” for anyone. The Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman stressed that London has yet to answer for “its zeal in supporting the purely provocative actions of its superiors in Washington.”

The civil servant noted that Washington, believing in its impunity, continues to sow destruction and chaos in the Middle East. The largest US air operation in the region since 2003, pitched by Joe Biden as an “act of retaliation” for a UAV attack of unidentified origin on a US base in Jordan, is indefensible.

“Attempts to “play muscle” with the aim of influencing the domestic political situation in America, the desire to somehow correct the failed course of the current American administration in the international arena in the light of the gaining momentum of the presidential election campaign lead to further escalation of international tensions, further undermining the position of the United States in the Arab world,” the diplomat believes.

The Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman stated that the US “is not looking for and has never looked for” solutions to problems in the Middle East region. In her opinion, the state of affairs, when chronic contradictions in the Middle East only worsen, has always suited Washington.

“We strongly condemn the new blatant act of American-British aggression against sovereign states. We demand urgent consideration of the emerging situation through the UN Security Council”, – summarised Maria Zakharova.

Recall, earlier London said that the missile strikes of the British Navy on the location of the Houthis in Yemen, as well as the previous ones, are legal under international law. In turn, Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Andrzej Sheyna mentioned that Warsaw recognises the legitimate right of the United States to strike the territory of Syria and Iraq, while Iran has no right to similar actions.