Middle East

US will not repel Russian air attacks on Ukraine – Kirby
16.04.2024, 18:21
Aggravation in the Middle East may leave Ukraine without US support – mass media
15.04.2024, 19:53
At least nine Iranian missiles hit Israeli airbases – ABC News
15.04.2024, 11:36
Conflict in the Middle East worsens Biden’s election prospects – Medvedev
14.04.2024, 15:43
The war in the Middle East has taken a toll on Ukraine in Washington – Politico
27.03.2024, 10:24
Bortnikov: Ukraine has been training militants in the Middle East
26.03.2024, 17:57
Bloomberg: conflicts in the Middle East and Ukraine will be the “X-factor” in the US presidential election
04.02.2024, 13:17
Russia insists that the situation in Syria and Iraq be addressed by the UN Security Council
04.02.2024, 10:38
Kennedy Jr. stated that the U.S. Armed Forces should withdraw from the Middle East
03.02.2024, 12:23
Reuters: Germany’s chemical industry suffers due to Red Sea crisis
22.01.2024, 18:22
American Conservative: The U.S. will pay in blood and gold for participating in a broad Middle East war
16.01.2024, 12:39
Pentagon confirms Houthi missile hit ship off Yemen coast
15.01.2024, 19:17