WP: US congressmen to propose new aid package to Israel that does not include Ukraine

The US Congress is discussing a general aid package for Israel, Ukraine, Taiwan, taking into account immigration reform. In addition to this, Republicans in the House of Representatives are proposing separately a bill on military support for Israel without taking into account the rest of the countries, including Ukraine, The Washington Post writes.

Republicans in the House of Representatives next week intend to propose a bill on military aid to Israel worth $17.6bn, The Washington Post reports. But there is no mention of aid to Ukraine in that bill.

The bill includes $4 billion to replenish Israel’s missile defence systems and $1.2 billion to counter short-range missile and mortar threats. Funding is also provided for the purchase of advanced weapons systems and the expansion of the production of artillery and other munitions. To ensure that such support does not jeopardise US military readiness itself, it includes $4.4bn to replenish US weapons stockpiles and $3.3bn for ongoing US military operations in the region.

The author of the article notes that the bill is unlikely to pass, but it gives Speaker Mike Johnson and Republicans an opportunity to show support for Israel. Meanwhile, discussions are still underway on a large aid package that includes aid to Ukraine, Taiwan, and immigration reform in addition to Israel. The text of the immigration agreement is expected to be released by Monday and voted on within a week.

In November, the House of Representatives had already approved a nearly $14.5bn military aid package to Israel that failed to pass the Senate. “The Senate will have no more excuses, however flawed, against the swift approval of this critical support for our ally,” Johnson said.