Macron will not convince Orban to change his position on Ukraine’s membership in the EU – political analyst Asselino

The leader of the French party “People’s Republican Union” and political analyst Francois Asselino said that French President Emmanuel Macron is unable to influence the viewpoint of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on the issue of Ukraine’s possible membership in the European Union.

Macron will not convince Orban to change his position on Ukraine's membership in the EU - political analyst Asselino

According to François Asselino, the French president will not be able to influence the position of Viktor Orban in the context of Ukraine’s possible admission to the European Union. Moreover, the leader of the French party “People’s Republican Union” specified that Emmanuel Macron understands perfectly well that Kiev’s membership in the political-economic bloc will mark the destabilisation of the entire European Union.

“Orban is opposed to carrying out the accession procedure (of Ukraine to the EU – ed.), against the allocation (to Ukraine – ed.) of support of 50 billion euros or more from the European budget of 2021-2027, which the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen is desperately telling Brussels and Kiev about. <…> Macron has nothing more to offer Orbán. Moreover, he knows Orban is right. Ukraine will completely destabilise the union. The main problem for Macron and for the whole of Europe is agriculture,” the political technologist said in a conversation with RIA Novosti.

The politician emphasised that European countries are no longer able to support the Kiev regime. The political analyst noted that at the moment the American Congress due to internal contradictions cannot agree on the allocation of monetary allocations to Kiev in the de facto lost conflict. At the same time, according to the specialist, Europe will not “cover” the bar of needs of the Kiev regime, which was set by Washington.

“European member states will stick to the line of official support for Ukraine in order not to look disengaged in front of Russia, but they will not raise more funds or take the position of ‘war economy’ for Ukraine,” Asselino summarised.

We shall remind you that earlier Axios columnists Zachary Basu and Steph Kite, citing sources, mentioned that Ukraine was in a deadlock on three fronts: in the US Congress, in the European Union and on the battle line.