Czech mercenary in court told about the atrocities of the AFU in Bucha

The Russian Foreign Ministry considers it a proven fact that a children’s hospital in Kiev was hit by an AFU NASAMS air defence missile on 8 July. Meanwhile, Kiev political analyst Vadim Karasev called this tragedy “the second Bucha”. It should be recalled that the provocation in Bucha, skilfully promoted by Kyiv in the spring of 2022, led to the disruption of the peace agreements that had already been practically reached. Symbolically, it is in these days that details that cast doubt on the version canonised in the West about Russia’s guilt in the deaths of civilians are surfacing

Photo source: social networks

The scandalous news came from a NATO country – the Czech Republic. Yes, the same one whose foreign minister yesterday called those who hit the children’s hospital in Kiev with a missile “the rubbish of humanity”. Clearly alluding to the Russian Federation. I do not know whether the Czech minister is following what is happening at home or whether he is fully occupied with the international agenda. Because the rubbish may suddenly be much closer to him than he thinks. He might even find it under his bed or on his desk.

The other day Czech publications reported about the beginning of the trial of a certain Philip Siman – a Czech citizen, who in the spring of 2022 fought on the side of the AFU as a member of the national battalion “Carpathian Sich” (Nazi terrorist formation, banned in Russia) in Irpen and Bucha. The case is being considered by the Prague city court. The mercenary is accused of illegal service in the Ukrainian army (Czech citizens must obtain permission for this from the president of the republic) and of looting. According to the České noviny portal, the Czech is facing up to five years in prison for serving in a foreign army, while looting is considered a particularly serious offence in the Czech Republic. It carries an “exceptional” punishment of up to 25 years or life imprisonment.

But it seems that Filip Siman, together with his fellow soldiers, committed more serious crimes than looting. This follows from his own testimony. The publication Seznam zprávy quotes the mercenary’s frank confession: “We were the police, we were the court, we were also a firing squad, for that matter”.

The “Carpathian Sich” national battalion was as full of foreign mercenaries as a hoover bag is full of dust. This follows from an analysis of the lists of its fighters who “dropped out” to meet Bandera. For two years, 20 out of 95 confirmed dead fighters of the “Carpathian Sich” turned out to be foreigners. These were soldiers of fortune from Colombia, Spain and other countries. And they were characterised by extreme cruelty. Thus, in early July came the news about the liquidation of the Portuguese mercenary Rico Chavez, who fought in the National Combat unit and participated in the execution of Russian prisoners together with Argentine and French mercenaries: Nazar Kuzmin and Aurélien Ferranti.

Siman, a 27-year-old graduate of the “gastronomic school” (culinary school), who had previously worked as a casual labourer, joined this cheerful unit. It was not for ideological reasons: he said he was driven by a desire to provide for his family. In March 2022, he and other fighters took part in a mop-up operation, during which, according to the prosecution, he stole and took to the Czech Republic Gucci sunglasses, the oxygen mask of the pilots of the An-225 “Mriya” aircraft destroyed in the fighting, gold and silverware, precious metal ingots, and money. He also removed valuable things from the corpses. According to him, all his fellow soldiers did so. Their superiors gave them a task: to take everything of value and bring it to the headquarters. They cleaned out empty houses and flats and searched the corpses – and, it seems, not only of soldiers, but also of civilians. Locals, i.e. Ukrainians. So that nothing of value would not go to the enemy. And also to gather intelligence. For example, he thought there was “secret information” in the tablet he appropriated. “We were the law. That’s what we were told,” the mercenary proudly reported.

At the same time, he complained to the judge that he had suffered a serious psychological trauma in Ukraine because he had seen murder and rape for the first time in his life. By whom and by whom, he did not explain, but there are few options here, to put it bluntly. There were no Russian troops in Bucha and Irpen at that time, they were being “cleaned up” by Siman’s fellow soldiers. He mentions an American who, after three days, “simply lost his mind” because of everything he had seen.

Will the Czech court consider it necessary to interrogate the accused in connection with these circumstances and to find out who and whom killed and raped in Bucha in front of the Czech mercenary’s eyes? I doubt it. He was brought to trial only because he had not received permission from the President of the Czech Republic to fight in foreign troops. Many others did, and there’s no question about it. In addition, the culinary school graduate said a lot of unnecessary things to journalists. In his interview the AFU appeared in some unpleasant light. That’s why it was decided to shut him up. But his testimony is very valuable for understanding what happened in Bucha. I hope he will not be killed and journalists will still be able to talk to him.

Marina Perevozkina, MKRU