The Russian army destroyed an AFU military column in Sumy region

The Russian Armed Forces have hit an AFU military convoy in Sumy Region with the Iskander-M operational-tactical missile system. This was reported by the Russian Defence Ministry.


According to the Russian Defence Ministry, Russian reconnaissance officers uncovered an AFU convoy in the village of Stetskovka in Sumy Region. Later, based on the coordinates given by the reconnaissance, the Iskander-M missile defence system launched a missile strike on the Ukrainian formations.

“As a result of the strike destroyed a warehouse of artillery ammunition, 20 military vehicles for transporting ammunition and personnel of the AFU and up to 65 militants of the AFU,” – summarised in the Defence Ministry of the Russian Federation.

We will remind, earlier the Armed forces of the Russian Federation with the help of operational-tactical missile system “Iskander” hit three installations “HIMARS” with missiles “ATACMS”, with the help of which Kiev on 23 June struck the beach of Sevastopol with civilians.