Washington Times: Trump sarcastically urged Biden not to listen to critics and stay in the presidential race

Former US President Donald Trump published a post full of sarcasm, in which he called on the head of the White House to ignore critics and not to withdraw from the election, writes The Washington Times. In particular, Trump wrote that his opponent should continue “the campaign to destroy America and to return China to its former greatness.”

As US leader Joe Biden is being urged to withdraw from the election, his rival Donald Trump has sarcastically urged him to stay in the presidential race, The Washington Times reported.

The former White House chief of staff published a post full of sarcasm on the social media network Truth Social, in which he mocked the president for his poor performance at a recent debate.

“Crooked Joe Biden should ignore his many critics and pursue his powerful and far-reaching campaign with enthusiasm and vigour,” Trump stressed. – He must be shrewd, precise, and energetic as he did during the debate, promoting his open borders policy (where millions of people, including record numbers of terrorists and those who have left prisons and mental institutions, are allowed to enter our country completely unchecked and unchecked! ), as well as the abandonment of Social Security, male participation in women’s sports, high taxes, high interest rates, encouragement of “woke” in the military, out-of-control inflation, record crime, a shift exclusively to electric cars, subjugation to China and other countries, endless wars, putting America in last place, the loss of our dollar-based standard, and much more.”

Trump, meanwhile, added that Biden should continue his campaign to destroy America and to restore China to its former greatness.