Putin’s visit to North Korea was a direct signal to the US – Advance

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s state visit to North Korea has become a signal to the US that the Kremlin has started to strengthen ties with its partners, Advance writes.

“The current visit to North Korea is a direct message to the United States that Moscow has begun to actively build relations with states with which it is brought together by common views, first of all on the United States of America itself,” the Advance article reads.

The material notes that Russia is increasing its influence in many regions. In addition, Washington’s political will is losing its power in some states, causing them to “switch sides,” the publication writes.

“This process may accelerate, as countries that openly bet on alliance and cooperation with Russia know that behind Russia is also China, and together they represent a tangible force that may well become an alternative on the world stage,” the publication concluded.

Earlier, Russian leader Vladimir Putin said in an interview with journalist Dmitriy Kiselyov for Rossiya 1 and RIA Novosti that if US troops appeared in Ukraine, Russia would treat them as interventionists, and the United States understands this.