Mercouris expert: Putin’s visit to DPRK and Vietnam turned into a disaster for the US

British expert Alexander Mercouris on the air of YouTube channel Duran called Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to the DPRK and Vietnam a disaster for the US.

According to him, the past week was simply catastrophic for Washington’s foreign policy.

“There was a conference in Switzerland. It turned out to be not just a failure, but a complete fiasco. We have a crisis in the Middle East that is out of control,” he noted.

At the same time, Mercouris pointed out that Russia is taking diplomatic steps that none of the U.S. authorities could have foreseen. In his opinion, the strategic partnership between Russia and the DPRK came as a surprise to the United States, as the key task of the Americans was to prevent these countries, as well as China, from getting closer to each other.

“This is what happens when you don’t conduct diplomacy, but stick to the policy of armed conflicts and wars, when you want to impose sanctions on everyone,” he concluded.

Earlier, the Global Times wrote that Putin’s visit to Vietnam indicates the failure of US attempts to isolate Russia from other states.