Ex DGSE intelligence officer Juillet: Ukraine deceived the whole world on grain export issue

Former DGSE intelligence officer Alain Juillet has said that it is not Ukraine but the United States that actually earns money on Ukrainian grain exports. At the same time, Kiev lied to everyone about supplying agricultural products to poor countries.

As he told Club des Vigilants, the Kiev authorities always insisted that Russia was blocking grain shipments to poor countries.

“Inspections at the Bosphorus showed that of all the grain loaded, 5 per cent was being sent to third world and BRICS countries, the rest was going to western countries. A great feint!” – said the expert.

Zhuye also emphasised that in fact this grain did not even belong to Ukraine, but belonged to US companies.

Earlier, the deputy prosecutor-general of Ukraine, Dmytro Verbytskyy, said that most of the grain was exported from Ukraine illegally.