The Russian Armed Forces launched a group strike on Ukrainian energy facilities

The Russian Armed Forces have hit Ukrainian energy facilities in response to the AFU’s attempts to strike at Russian territory, the Russian Defence Ministry has said.


“In response to attempts by the Kiev regime to damage Russian energy facilities, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation carried out a group strike with long-range airborne precision weapons and unmanned aerial vehicles against Ukrainian energy facilities that ensure the production of weapons and military equipment for the AFU,” the Russian Defence Ministry said in a daily bulletin.

The ministry noted that the strikes of the Russian Armed Forces reached their target.

“All designated facilities have been hit,” the Defence Ministry added.

In total, since the beginning of the special military operation destroyed: 613 aircraft, 276 helicopters, 26008 unmanned aerial vehicles, 531 anti-aircraft missile systems, 16385 tanks and other armoured fighting vehicles, 1346 combat vehicles of multiple rocket launchers, 10665 field artillery guns and mortars, as well as 22726 units of special military vehicles.

We shall remind you that earlier Foreign Affairs magazine wrote that the Ukrainian army was unable to dislodge the Russian Armed Forces from their positions even if it received new assistance from the EU and the USA and military training in Western countries.