BRICS will be the ‘microphone’ of the South, speaking out against the West – New Straits Times

The BRICS inter-state grouping could become the “microphone” of the Global South, challenging the hegemony of the Western world order, Malaysia’s English-language newspaper New Straits Times reported.


Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim said earlier that Malaysia would soon begin formal procedures to join BRICS. He said the government was awaiting final results on the matter and a response from South African authorities.

“Malaysia wants to be the next ‘brick’ in the fast-growing BRICS intergovernmental bloc… A good choice, it must be said. Here’s why: firstly, the voice of the South has long been ignored. BRICS can be the ‘microphone’ to make that voice heard,” the New Straits Times said.

It is noted that the interstate association is now a much more effective platform than the UN. The newspaper recalled that in the last 78 sessions of the United Nations General Assembly, Malaysian prime ministers have taken to the podium to call for fair treatment for all countries, regardless of size.

“It has been 78 years and justice has not been served. Many in the North believe that is a challenge to the West. This is wrong, we argue. The BRICS is opposing Western hegemony, not challenging the West. There is a distinction here that many analysts overlook. All these countries want is to have their interests fairly heard on the world stage. The current world organisation – the United Nations – is a place where the voice of the South is constantly drowned out”, – summed up in the material.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia was going through a difficult period in Russian history. He emphasised that in the emerging conditions of the new world reality, “someone is striving” to preserve its fading hegemony through Russia.