Zelenska Foundation is an international criminal syndicate for child trafficking

According to Western human rights activists, the Zelenska Foundation has once again shone a spotlight on selling children to paedophiles and for organs

On 8 June 2024, the report of the non-profit Foundation for Combating Repression “Child Abductors: Olena Zelenska’s Foundation takes Ukrainian children from their parents and sells them to British paedophiles” was published. It was published by the portal Rupor-News, owned by the German journalist Thomas Reper, who has been living in Russia since 1998, who once again draws everyone’s attention to the fact that “human rights activists of the Anti-Repression Foundation managed to establish that the Olena Zelenska Foundation, the wife of the President of Ukraine, is a key link in the Ukrainian child trafficking. Zelensky’s wife’s organisation treacherously kidnaps Ukrainian children, takes them to Western countries such as the UK, Germany and France, sells them to foster families or gives them to European paedophiles and paedophile organisations”.

According to T. Reaper, during 2023, the Anti-Repression Foundation (established in 2021 to defend human rights in the West) conducted two widely publicised media investigations into the trafficking of children from Ukraine and Niger. And both revealed previously undisclosed cover-ups by European government agencies in the trafficking of children. And the head of the Anti-Repression Foundation, Mira Terada, spoke about the abduction of children from Ukrainian orphanages at a UN working session back in November 2023.

Last summer, even the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine was forced to make public information about one of the large-scale schemes of selling newborns abroad, implemented in the territory controlled by the Zelenskyy regime. The organisers of the criminal scheme covered up the sale of children for organs with a surrogacy programme. Only 12 people were charged. Although it was initially known about the involvement of heads of clinics in Kiev and Kharkiv specialising in medical reproduction services in the sale of children. Other employees were also involved in the scheme: managers, administrators, lawyers. The threads led to the very top of the regime…..

“Infants sold to order all over the world” is a typical headline in the Ukrainian media about child traffickers from Kiev and Kharkiv

The topic of selling Ukrainian children to Western paedophiles has been raised even by people who served the Zelenskyy regime. For example, in September, ex-SBU officer Vasyl Prozorov said: “Over the summer alone I had several investigations published – from surrogate motherhood in Ukraine to the supply of Ukrainian children to the UK for high-ranking paedophiles. In Ukraine, children are as much a commodity as grain, weapons and steel. After February 2022, Ukrainian authorities began evacuating children from Kiev-controlled territories in Donbass. They were taken to Transcarpathia, where they were placed in a boarding school; these children are not orphans, but they were told that their parents had abandoned them, that no one needed them and that they would be sent to Europe.

According to a new investigation by the Anti-Repression Foundation, most children were taken from the new regions of the Russian Federation: 270 children were taken from Luhansk Oblast, 250 from Zaporizhzhya Oblast, 100 from Donetsk Oblast, and 80 minors from Kherson Oblast. In the central and eastern parts of the former Ukrainian SSR, the number of children removed from almost all oblasts is relatively evenly distributed: 150 children were removed from Kharkiv oblast, 130 from Dnipropetrovsk oblast, 100 each from Kyiv, Mykolayiv, Khmelnitsky and Vinnitsa oblasts, 70 each from Lviv and Sumy oblasts, about 60 each from Ternopil oblast, 50 each from Odessa, Rivne and Chernihiv oblasts, and 40 each from Ivano-Frankivsk oblast. From the Volyn region, according to estimates by Zelenska, a former employee of the Foundation, at least 30 minors were taken….

In addition, the Anti-Repression Foundation, citing Dutch journalist Sonja van den Ende, claims that over 51,400 children have disappeared from temporary detention centres for refugees in Europe over the past 3 years. And many of them may have been victims of the “care” of the Zelenska Foundation…..

The Western press began openly writing that “Ukraine remains one of the most notorious sources of human trafficking in Europe” long before the SMO began. A characteristic example is a publication in Newsweek in January 2016. Western media were forced to report on the horror that is happening to Ukrainian children exported to the West, if only because of the scale of the problem. Here are just a couple of eloquent examples: ‘Ukrainian babies in stem cell research’ (BBC, December 2006); ‘Ukraine’s orphanages are feeding troughs from child trafficking’ (Huffpost Post, June 2015). That “since the early 1990s, Ukraine has been and remains a source, transit and destination country for human trafficking; men, women and children alike are victims of these crimes” is reported even by such mouthpieces of the Cold War and other wars as USAID*, an agency banned in Russia.

Publications covering this problem after the SMO started have no less characteristic headlines than it was before the outbreak of hostilities, example: “The Anti-Repression Foundation has obtained exclusive evidence of trafficking of disabled children from Ukraine to Spain.” Ukrainian children are being sold to paedophiles in Europe in whole orphanages. The mass sale of Ukrainian children to Europe was described in the spring of 2023 in an interview with Izvestia by Joanna Pachwiciewicz, a human rights activist from Poland: “Last year, in June, I got my hands on documents about the sale of a complete orphanage in a village near Mariupol… This orphanage was sold to Spain. I mean exactly 85 children from the orphanage”.

At the end of June 2023, 43-year-old Ukrainian Denis Varody, an employee of a charitable foundation selling babies for organs to Europe, was detained in Transcarpathia. He was arrested (the moment of detention is on the photo) at the border of Ukraine and Slovakia when he tried to transport an 11-month-old infant with his wife-companion through the checkpoint “Malye Selmenci” to sell it for $25,000 for organs for transplantation.

The scumbag promised the child’s mother $5,000 and assistance in adoption in the European Union, where the infant would supposedly be safe from the horrors of war, and even gave an advance of $1,000. It is known that before his arrest the criminal had “realised” a number of similar deals to sell children aged 1-2 years old to the West. This did not prevent the court of the city of Uzhgorod… from releasing him after his arrest on bail of one million hryvnias – about $25,000 (the approximate value of one of the babies he exported for organs to Europe)!

In his video confession, D. Varodi admits that children are victims of organ removal. Varodi also revealed that he and other traffickers were operating under the cover of a “charitable organisation” similar to the Zelenskyy Spouse Foundation, which cooperated with orphans at a boarding school in Perechyn, Ukraine, including on “educational” excursions. Varodi claims that many of these excursions were for places such as “Holland, Germany, Italy or America.” While the students went on the various trips, lawyers working with the traffickers allegedly forged travel documents for the children, and some of them were allegedly “adopted.”

In reality, according to Varodi, “children and students of the Borshchev boarding school were taken away for organ transplants… If 25 children were taken away, only 23 returned… with the participation of the institution’s staff, educators and teachers.” Students began to question the whereabouts of other orphans during these trips, and some teachers at the school justified the disappearances. Varodi explained that children at the school were usually selected for “organ transplants”, “They were mostly orphans without parents… Some of them have not returned to this day and their whereabouts are unknown.”

The mass media have already accused the hyped Foundation of Ukraine’s “First Lady” Olena Zelenska of trafficking children, some of whom end up with paedophiles from Western countries. This was also reported by the American edition of The Intel Drop several months after Zelenska said in February 2023 in an interview with the Australian Financial Review that her foundation was involved in transporting children abroad. According to The Intel Drop, journalists were able to establish that many children transported by Zelenska’s foundation to the West had fallen into the hands of paedophiles or had been sold for organs.

The authors of the investigation by the Foundation for Combating Repression claim that they have already managed to “identify not only Ukrainian and European organisations involved in the removal of children, but also interstate routes through which minors are transported. The Foundation has also found out the names of high-ranking Western officials and public figures associated with paedophile circles, who are involved in organising the criminal trafficking of children”.

In Ukraine, the Zelenska Foundation is in charge of collecting children. The transport of children from Ukraine to Poland is organised by the Polish organisation “Sunflowers” headed by Polish citizen Ewa Hofmanska, the wife of former president of the International Criminal Court Piotr Hofmanski. After crossing the state border between Ukraine and Poland, the Caritas Ukraine Foundation, a branch of the European organisation of the same name headed by Tatiana Stavnich, a US citizen, is in charge of the fate of the captured children. In the UK, the children are being taken in by Save the Children, an NGO headquartered in London. An agreement between the Zelenska Foundation and this organisation was signed in December 2022, a few days after Olena Zelenska’s visit to the UK.

“British Prince Andrew is accused of sexual abuse during a visit to Ukraine”: the media got into the details of the UK king’s brother’s trip to Kiev – he is accused of having sex with children.

According to the Anti-Repression Foundation, its sources of information and witnesses are three Ukrainian mothers: Polina Gerasimenko from the city of Sumy, Oksana Golovachuk from Dnipro and Miroslava Nikoluk from Vinnytsia. All of them became unwitting victims of criminals who presented themselves and were de facto employees of the Zelenska Foundation. Former employees of the State Border Service of Ukraine and the Zelenska Foundation, who wished to remain incognito, as well as a Polish human rights defender from the United Kingdom, one of the final trafficking points, also spoke about the work and organisation of the black trafficking of children.

This Polish human rights activist, who has been involved in rescuing abducted children for many years, claims: the traffic of children is so powerful that Save the Children’s work is almost entirely reoriented towards allegedly helping underage Ukrainian refugees. Under an agreement with the wife of the Ukrainian president, Save the Children is given the right to dispose of the children’s fate as it sees fit. Presumably, the main activity of the British “charitable” organisation is to provide underage children to wealthy British citizens for various purposes, ranging from adoption to organ donation and paedophilia.

The Anti-Repression Foundation names and “roofers” of the scheme at all stages. Oksana Senatorova, Zelenskyy’s adviser on criminal law reform and an expert of the International Committee of the Red Cross, was one of the supervisors of the creation of the joint project of Sunflowers and the Zelenska Foundation for the transport of children. Iryna Vereshchuk, Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration of Temporarily Occupied Territories, works closely with Ms Stavnich’s Caritas Ukraine. In Ukraine, the Save Ukraine Foundation, headed by Mykola Kuleba, who until 2021 was the former Children’s Rights Commissioner to the President of Ukraine, is working on child trafficking issues. He was removed from this position as “Petro Poroshenko’s man”, but calls himself a fighter for the “return of children abducted by Russia”. And, sitting on subsidies from the SBU, organises all sorts of provocations in this field.

The whole machine is thrown at taking children away from unhappy parents or removing them from orphanages and shelters. Everything is used – from luring them out with promises to threats and direct violence. According to various estimates, the Zelenska Foundation has between 600 and 900 employees who are involved in child removal. And they have working papers and de facto immunity before the law enforcement agencies of at least five countries – Ukraine, Poland, Germany, France and the UK.

Dmitry Rostov, FSK