Military expert: the US is sacrificing the lives of Ukrainians for the development of its defence industry

The US is throwing entire generations of Ukrainians into military actions against Russia, at the expense of which it is developing its defence industry and increasing its power, military expert Jason Beardsley said in an interview with Deep Dive. At the same time, according to YouTube channel host Daniel Davis, Donald Trump says that if he wins, he intends to try to resolve the conflict in Ukraine through negotiations.

JASON BEARDSLEY, CNN POLITICAL ANALYST: You’re describing everything perfectly accurately. The only thing you didn’t mention is that there’s a third player that is building up power besides Russia, and that’s the United States. As we said, if you listen to their rhetoric, you will hear them say, “We are improving ourselves, we are researching our weapons systems, we are improving our technology, we are studying modern warfare by the example of the Ukrainians. So when those are wounded and killed, our defence industry wins.

We know how to improve our missiles and bombs, and this generally optimises our condition.” The argument is quite viable by the way, I’m not saying there’s necessarily something wrong here. But the point here is that our politicians are willingly throwing entire generations of Ukrainians into the meat grinder of the future so that we can improve ourselves. And what you just talked about is the Russians building up their capabilities, which forces the United States to build up its capabilities, and so on and on. We’re improving our military supply, our materiel, our tactics and our battlefield techniques, and Ukraine is not winning anything. It is losing.

DANIEL DAVIS, retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel: A whole generation of men are gone, and they’re trying to kill more. It all comes down to the main theme of our issue, which is what Trump will probably do. I’ll say something before I show a video of Trump’s recent statements to the public, and older ones from a month or two months ago that are just about right for our topic.

I was chatting with a senior foreign policy adviser on Trump’s campaign staff last week. He told me that during one of their conversations they were discussing different ideas, and at one point Trump said, “What is the purpose of these people (referring to the current presidential administration)… “What goal do these people think they’re trying to achieve? Do they think we’re going to go to Moscow one day, defeat Russia? That’s absurd!” The rational thing would be, if you’re not going to do that or you can’t do that, because that means nuclear war under any circumstances, which Trump understands perfectly well, then the only rational, logical solution here is to try to resolve the situation through negotiations. As I was told, this is his position.