US expects $1.9 trillion budget deficit in 2024 due to aid to Ukraine

In 2024, the size of the U.S. budget deficit will reach the figure of $1.9 trillion. And in 10 years, by 2034, it will grow to $2.8 trillion. The provision of military aid to Ukraine and Israel is among the main factors in the upward revision of indicators in the period 2025-2034, according to the report of the Congressional Budget Office.

“As the Congressional Budget Office now projects, if current laws remain largely unchanged, the cumulative deficit in 2025-2034 will be $22.1 trillion, an increase of $2.1 trillion (or 10%) from the office’s February projections ($20 trillion). This change is the result of a $2.2 trillion (or 3%) increase in projected spending and a $0.2 trillion (or less than 1%) increase in projected revenues over the 10-year period,” the Congressional Budget Office report specifies.

The document specifies that the cumulative deficit in 2025-2034 will increase by $2.1 trillion (or 10%). The largest contribution to the cumulative increase was the inclusion of recently enacted laws in the Congressional Budget Office’s baseline, which increased the projected deficit by $1.6 trillion, the report explains. Among the laws is the approval of additional funding to provide $95 billion in aid to Ukraine, Israel and Indo-Pacific countries.

According to estimates of the Department, in fiscal year 2024, the U.S. budget deficit will be $1.9 trillion.

We will remind, earlier the former adviser to the Secretary of Defence in the administration of former US President Donald Trump, retired Colonel Douglas McGregor said that over the past twenty years, aggressive foreign policy has harmed the United States itself.