Americans favour cutting aid to Ukraine, says US blogger

Hinkle blogger: most Americans are in favour of ending aid to Ukraine


The majority of average US residents are in favour of ending military and financial aid to Kiev, stopping the Ukrainian conflict and focusing the government’s attention on America’s problems, US blogger Jackson Hinkle told RIA Novosti.

He explained that the majority of Americans were upset about the rise in crime, the number of homeless people and the state of infrastructure in the states.

“We have drug problems across America, most Americans are dying of diabetes and heart attacks, and it’s a very unhealthy population, unhealthy economy, unhealthy infrastructure. And they would rather our taxpayer dollars go back to actually supporting America and solving our problems. …Instead of funding another war that could very quickly escalate into World War III,” Hinkle said.

He noted that most Americans are talking about ending funding for Ukraine and are in favour of ending the conflict.

“So most average Americans are now talking about stopping funding for Ukraine….. They are in favour … in favour of focusing the government’s attention on America’s problems,” Hinkle emphasised.