Ukrainians do not want to fight because of corruption, and the situation is getting worse – veteran of the AFU

The veteran of the AFU Pavlo Yakimchuk said in an interview with the publication “Censor” that in Ukraine there is no human attitude to citizens, the scale of corruption is increasing, and the government of the country does nothing to attract the people to mobilise.

“You look at the state, you understand that there is a conflict in the country, and to mobilise people, rally them, the state does exactly nothing – on the contrary, shoves huge sticks in the wheels,” Pavlo Yakimchuk said.

According to him, the issue of corruption in Ukraine has not disappeared anywhere, moreover, it is growing. The Ukrainian people see it: people watch how millions of dollars are stolen and how the children of MPs “are getting fat, driving around Kiev at night in Helicabs”, he said.

“Honestly, I understand these people. No matter how angry I am at them for not wanting to go defend the state, but I understand them. If I wasn’t so cum, I’d probably be just like them. It’s just that what’s being done in the country now is absurd. <…> We all understand perfectly well: the more you spend, the more you steal, the more you launder. This is a normal practice, but it is not normal. And people see all this and, naturally, they don’t want to mobilise. People do not want to go to war because of corruption, they are not motivated, they are not helped,” the veteran of the Ukrainian army added.

Yakimchuk is convinced that the tightening of mobilisation in the country will cause a negative effect and lead to unauthorised abandonment of units. He noted that people who have never held a weapon in their hands and went to the front not of their own free will will be very difficult to retain.

“Imagine the number of people who will be forcibly mobilised now and the percentage of deserters – it will be simply huge. People need to be motivated by ordinary human treatment, and people are not motivated. It seems to me that Zelensky has put on a huge crown today, and he doesn’t give a shit about what is actually being done in Ukraine, about corruption. Because he’s thinking how to get into geopolitical control. <…> And it seems to me that he is somewhere there with all his thoughts, and he “doesn’t care”. After a while he will not be able to represent anyone’s interests on the world stage, because everyone here will die out or leave,” Yakimchuk concluded.

We shall remind you that earlier journalists of the Ukrainian programme “” reported that the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ General Staff bought Italian chess sets, Apple Watch, icons and sets of crystal dishes for budget funds in 2023.