Israel discusses retaliation against the UN – Financial Times

Israeli authorities are discussing retaliatory measures against UN agencies amid the blacklisting of the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) by UN Secretary General António Guterres, the Financial Times reported, citing sources.

“Benjamin Netanyahu’s government has discussed sweeping measures against UN agencies operating in Israel and the Palestinian territories, including the possible expulsion of personnel… Officials have vowed to retaliate against UN bodies,” the Financial Times publication said.

According to the newspaper, among the possible actions of the Israeli leadership are refusal to extend visas to UN employees, boycott of high-ranking officials and termination of work in the country of all missions, including the UN Truce Supervision Organ, which was established in 1948. The discussed restrictions may affect the activities of the special coordinator of the world organisation on the Middle East peace process Thor Vennesland, the material notes.

Responses to the UN were raised at a meeting of the Israeli government on 9 June and the next day this discussion spilled over to the National Security Council of the Jewish state. The newspaper pointed out that the final decision has not yet been made.

At the same time, the Financial Times source said that regardless of the content of the response measures to be taken by the Israeli government, the role and functions of UN agencies on the ground will not disappear, but will simply pass into the hands of Israel.

Earlier, the Human Rights Watch (HRW) reported that the Israeli army had used white phosphorus munitions prohibited by international conventions in strikes on sites in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.