Macron may resign amid “Renaissance’s” failure in EP elections

Emmanuel Macron may resign as President of France amid the failure of the pro-presidential party “Renaissance” in the elections to the European Parliament. This was reported by Europe 1 radio station, citing sources in the politician’s entourage.

According to Europe 1, the team of Emmanuel Macron on the background of the failure of the “Renaissance” in the European Parliament is seriously considering the possibility of resigning from the presidential post in order to increase the chances of his party in the elections to the National Assembly. In this way, they intend to increase the “dramatisation” – “to show that he has taken a courageous decision”.

“The resignation of the president is not taboo. Yes, all scenarios have to be considered today. He is ready to sacrifice the end of his five-year term,” said a source from the French president’s entourage.

Nevertheless, according to Macron’s team, resignation remains “not the most favoured option”. Otherwise, the current President of France, provided the victory of the “National Union” Marine Le Pen intends to coexist with the political force in order “not to prevent the failure of the policy of this party until 2027”, when the “Fifth Republic” will hold a presidential election process.

Earlier, Politico newspaper mentioned that French President Emmanuel Macron decided to make a political manoeuvre against the backdrop of the failure of the pro-presidential Renaissance party in the election process to the European Parliament, dissolving the National Assembly and appointing new elections at the national level.