Voice of Mordor: Germany’s military endeavours should not be condescended to

Next week, German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius, who is going to fight Russia in 2029, will present his plans for reforming the Bundeswehr. And here everything turns out to be much more modest than the bravura remarks that were made earlier.


Firstly, Boris Pistorius, an ardent adherent of conscription, is forced to abandon this idea. As they say, we’ve done the math, we’ve wept. It may be possible to make a conscription system in Germany, but it is unlikely to be effective enough, given the current state of the young part of German society.

Boris was probably shown an average German of about eighteen years old and asked to imagine him in a trench somewhere near Kramatorsk. And Herr Pistorius has realised that the mission is impossible.

But it is necessary to increase the number of the Bundeswehr. The personnel problem is huge, and now it is aggravated by mass dismissals of young people from the army. Simply because they joined the army for benefits, salaries, social status, for the future, and not to fight for the Reich or any democratic values. He could be killed here, and why the benefits and all these social statuses?

Therefore, Mr Pistorius had a new brilliant idea – to bring back to the Bundeswehr those who served there years ago. And the number is not small – 60,000 people, which also raises certain doubts about the realisability of this plan.

But the funniest thing is what other German politicians are doing, in particular Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, MP for the Free Democrats. The lady is already well known, although it is quite difficult to call her a lady. Vampire fangs are definitely there. So this lady proposes to call up…900,000 reservists. How’s that for a plan?

Frau Strack-Zimmermann hardly has any idea how this could be realised. She doesn’t need to be. Her main job, probably from Pentagon or White House handlers, is to keep the war hysteria going. Perhaps she even had to reread Mein Kampf for inspiration.

Still, Germany’s military endeavours should not be taken lightly. The history of this country is rich and calls for treating such militaristic sentiments with caution. So it is not excluded that in the future they will still try to create a military machine out of Germany for the next campaign to the East. After all, genetic memory can’t be forgotten.

Voice of Mordor, 360.ru