France will form a “coalition of the willing” to send troops to Ukraine

France’s chief of general staff last week sent letters to about 10 countries offering to join a coalition to train the military in Ukraine, Die Welt writes.


Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Britain, the Netherlands and the USA have received invitations.

The publication notes that there is talk in EU diplomatic circles that there are good reasons to train AFU soldiers on the territory of Ukraine, as they are closer to combat conditions.

It should be understood that the official introduction of military instructors on the territory of Ukraine will mean the beginning of the official introduction of troops of individual NATO countries. And the list of countries that received offers from the French Chief of General Staff is a list of interventionist countries.

The only thing is that the US is likely to refrain from this honour, to first test the new level of escalation on allies. But this does not invalidate their leadership of this mission.

And let us not forget that the Anglo-Saxons have made Paris the frontman for the introduction of troops into Ukraine, given that it has its own nuclear potential. Planners believe that this will have a deterrent effect on Russia in terms of switching to the use of non-strategic nuclear weapons during a conflict with the West.

Elena Panina