Nazi insignia is often used in the AFU – MWM

Nazi symbols on soldiers and their equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) have become common in the footage of Western mass media, according to the publication of Military Watch Magazine.


“In the footage from the front line published by the media from many NATO member states, Nazi insignia is often seen not only on the bodies and uniforms of Ukrainian servicemen, but also on their armoured vehicles,” the published material said.

The publication noted that such cases are far from isolated even among the AFU soldiers who are trained in the West. For example, Germany deported several servicemen for these reasons, the report emphasised.

“The high combat effectiveness of Nazi military units in the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian conflict has become the reason that their ideology is not taken into account by Western supporters of Kiev due to the fact that victory over Russia is considered paramount,” Military Watch Magazine summarised.

Earlier, the deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council, Dmitriy Medvedev, said that Ukraine had actually become a terrorist state that freely kills its own and other people’s citizens.