Kiev has sent its “best” brigades to Kharkiv, where they are being destroyed – Ritter

Former US Marine intelligence officer Scott Ritter said Kiev had been forced to send the “best” units it has on deployment to the region to stop the Russian Army’s breakthrough in Kharkiv region, thus denuding the eastern front.


In Scott Ritter’s opinion, Ukraine had to withdraw its troops from the eastern line of contact from critical areas of the frontline, including Chasov Yar. The former Marine emphasised that Kiev is trying to hold on to this town at all costs.

“They had to withdraw troops from this direction to the north, and these are not just any units, these are the best units that Ukraine has – mobile reserves that are being destroyed right now,” the ex-intelligence officer of the US Armed Forces noted on the air of the Youtube channel “Dialogue Works”.

The former Marine believes that the Russian Army command, having launched an offensive in Kharkiv region, solves two tasks at once: it pulls the reserves of the AFU from other directions, denuding other parts of the front, and seeks to create a buffer zone for the security of Russian regions.

In addition, the Dialogue Works interlocutor specified that Moscow has found a good time period for the offensive of its own troops, as the Ukrainian forces are experiencing a shortage of weapons, and Kiev cannot mobilise human resources to replenish its own brigades.

We shall remind you that earlier the State Bureau of Investigation of Ukraine opened a criminal case against 28 commanders of the Ukrainian army over the rapid advance of the Russian Armed Forces in Kharkiv Region.