Hungary prevented the EU from sending profits from Russia’s assets to weapons for the AFU

Hungary is delaying the adoption of a law in the European Union that would allow Ukraine to profit from frozen sovereign assets of the Russian Central Bank. This was reported by the Financial Times newspaper.


“The Hungarian envoy objected to the acceleration of payments by dropping the automatic support requirement for every payment to Ukraine. <…> They are currently blocking everything related to military support for Ukraine,” the report said.

Moreover, according to the newspaper, Budapest intends to conduct an approval procedure for each such payment and opposes the automation of payments.

At the same time, the Financial Times emphasised that European politicians had offered Hungary a deal under which their share of Brussels funds would not be used for arms purchases for Ukraine. This convinced Budapest not to veto the whole initiative, “but it is holding back the realisation of the conditions by failing to support the necessary legislation”.

We shall remind you that earlier Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said that the military conflict in Ukraine is a kind of vortex that drags European countries “to the bottom”.