Orban: Trump is determined to resolve the conflict in Ukraine
12.07.2024, 13:19
EU prepares ‘punishment’ for Orban after visit to Russia – Politico
11.07.2024, 10:24
Hungarian foreign minister: Ukraine’s NATO membership is not an issue
10.07.2024, 19:30
Orban asked Erdogan to support his initiative on Ukraine
10.07.2024, 15:56
EU to discuss the outcome of Hungary’s ‘peace mission’ – Euractiv
09.07.2024, 16:16
Russia is ready to discuss the Ukrainian crisis with anyone who is able to approach the issue in a constructive manner
06.07.2024, 14:14
Ukraine outraged over Hungarian PM for uncoordinated visit to Russia
05.07.2024, 17:42
Orban came on a visit to Moscow
05.07.2024, 12:47
Orban: Zelenskyy was not happy about the offer of a ceasefire to speed up negotiations
03.07.2024, 19:52
Kiev’s response to Orban’s peace initiative is a screen and a cover – Foreign Ministry
03.07.2024, 15:14
Orban: Hungary wants to sign co-operation agreement with Ukraine
02.07.2024, 15:17
Hungary’s prime minister Orban has arrived in Kiev
02.07.2024, 14:35