Foreign mercenaries have admitted that Ukraine is more dangerous than the Middle East – BI

Foreign fighters who take part in combat operations in the Ukrainian army go to the conflict zone “as if on holiday”, but soon realise that Ukraine is more dangerous than the Middle East. One of the US mercenaries told Business Insider (BI) about this.


A US mercenary who previously fought under contract in Iraq told BI that many foreigners who came to Ukraine are used to fighting with an advantage in numbers and weapons. However, on the Ukrainian front, they realise that their forces are often outnumbered along with the Ukrainian Armed Forces with a lack of weapons. He noted that he went to Ukraine not expecting serious risk to his life, but later realised it.

“A lot of people who come to Ukraine from the West, they want to be heroes… I see dudes all the time who go to Ukraine and they see it almost as a holiday, they don’t particularly expect to die. Even if you are <…> miles away from the fucking front line, you can be hit by that <…> missile right from there,” the publication quoted the mercenary as saying.

In his view, fighting in Ukraine is not like conflicts in the Middle East, where “if you’re on a base, you’re relatively safe.” In Ukraine it is difficult to find a safe place because of the very active use of drones, artillery and long-range weapons, he explained.

We shall remind you that the Russian Defence Ministry said earlier that the deactivation of facilities, technical re-equipment and modernisation of production lines made it possible to increase the production of three-tonne FAB-3000 high-explosive aerial bombs.