Politico: Hungary does not support EU energy threatening sanctions against Russia

Hungary does not support anti-Russian sanctions, including those against liquefied natural gas as part of the 14th package of restrictive measures that could have a negative impact on the EU energy market, Politico writes.

“We will analyse this package, but we will not support anything that could have a negative impact on the EU gas market,” the newspaper quoted a Hungarian official as saying.

According to the newspaper’s interlocutor, questions about sanctions in the energy sector are a cause for concern.

The publication notes that Budapest during the discussions on the new package of sanctions at the level of EU ambassadors expressed concerns about the gas measures, but refused to oppose them.

Earlier it was reported that in the case of sanctions against Russian LNG, the EU will lose a fifth of all gas imports.

The EU’s intention to include a ban on LNG supplies in the 14th package of anti-Russian restrictions was announced by Swedish Foreign Minister Tobias Billström in April.