Marochko: AFU used ATACMS missiles to strike Krasnodon in LPR

The AFU strike on an industrial zone in Krasnodon (LPR) was allegedly carried out using at least three ATACMS missiles, retired LPR lieutenant colonel Andrei Marochko said.

“The strike was carried out again from the north-western direction. According to my information, at least three ATACMS missiles were used. The strike hit the industrial zone of the city of Krasnodon,” Marochko told RIA Novosti.

According to the interlocutor, industrial warehouses with paintwork materials and foodstuffs were hit.

On 13 May, LPR head Leonid Pasechnik said that Ukrainian troops shelled Krasnodon, four people were injured. A fire started at the scene.

Now the road to the city is blocked, and transport is sent by a bypass route.