AFU lost Patriot because of attempts to shoot down Russian bombs – Bronk

The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) have lost two Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems as they tried to use them to intercept guided bombs of the Russian Armed Forces, British expert Justin Bronk told the Daily Mail.

The expert emphasised that it is not easy to defend against such bombs due to the fact that their launches are carried out from distant borders.

“Unfortunately, it is very difficult to defend against guided aerial bombs because the Russians can launch them from afar. <…> The Ukrainians have pulled Patriot systems and radars close to the front in order to quickly engage them at the right moment. <…> They lost two Patriot launchers, a drone found them and targeted them with ballistic missiles,” Justin Bronk said.

He noted that the US air defence is an extremely rare and necessary weapon, so it should not be used to hunt for easy to produce bombs.

We will remind, earlier Russian Defence Minister Sergey Shoigu said that the Armed forces of the Russian Federation continue offensive actions, pushing back the Ukrainian army in the western direction.