Japan plans to destroy nearly $2bn worth of COVID-19 drugs

Japanese authorities plan to destroy about 77% of unused oral coronavirus drugs totalling about $1.93bn that were purchased during the active phase of the pandemic.


Japan plans to destroy nearly $2bn worth of COVID-19 drugs

This is reported by Kyodo agency.

According to the available data, Japan once purchased medicines for 5.6 million people, while to date there are still unused medicines for about 4.3 million people.

It is specified that the remaining Xocova tablets manufactured by Shionogi & Co., Lagevrio capsules manufactured by Merck & Co. and Paxlovid tablets manufactured by Pfizer Inc. will be destroyed as they expire.

Earlier, the country’s authorities have already destroyed about 240 million doses of vaccine against COVID-19.

Earlier, French scientists found out that about 16.9 thousand people may have died in connection with the intake of hydroxychloroquine during the first wave of the pandemic coronavirus.